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How Did Quwho Happen?

Quwho was created by a Rotarian from the Rotary Club of Orlando to connect her club's members. We started with a simple idea that somehow grew. Isn't that the way it usually happens?

The Challenge

Our initial challenge was to create a better way to manage weekly meeting attendance. With a club of over 200 members, the manual labor involved in counting attendance cards, reconciling lunch costs and tracking members' attendance records was significant. The solution: a barcode scanning app. It seemed like a simple enough approach, and Quwho was born.

We knew that we could not rely on a consistently available internet connection. Sounds crazy now, but this was in early 2000. As a result, we created a simple laptop application that collected and uploaded meeting attendance data to our secure online database. The result was immediate information about attendance, payment due to the caterer and a much more streamlined check-in. We also looked pretty impressive to visitors!

A lot has changed since 2000. Today we have real time check-in with no data syncing needed.

How Is Our Club Doing?

But the attendance app was just the beginning. The more we learned about our meeting attendance, the more we wanted to learn about our members. Why did they join Rotary, why do they attend - or not -, what is the health of our club? The list grew and so did Quwho.

We're excited to share what we've learned with other Rotary clubs. What we have developed to date is just the beginning. Our list of features to be added is long - and growing. We know with your input, the list will become longer, and the value to each of us will increase.

After all, isn't growing our club what we all want to do?

Who Are the Quwho Creators?

Quwho is a software development and IT services company that is really passionate about business. We continuously search for reliable, practical, cost-effective ways to make technology a part of any business. Sometimes in the exploration we discover that process needs attention first. Learning what a business does and why is the logical starting point in the journey. That's fine with us. Technology is simply a tool, and we use it when it makes sense.

Quwho grew from Quest Technology Group founded in 1991, and we -- like technology -- have matured over the years. One thing that hasn't changed in these past 2 decades is our client relationship philosophy. We are so committed to our clients, that we're proud to say that we still have our first startup client.

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