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How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is quick and easy. Just follow these steps, and you'll be a Quwho group in no time!

1. You start by entering basic information -- name, address and number of active members

2. Next, go to the secure credit card checkout page. Of couse, if this is a trial, we will skip this step. No credit card is required for your free 30-day trial.

3. Your information will be saved when your checkout has completed successfully.

4. A welcome email with you account login will be sent to you immediately.

5. Now you can start adding all of the information that is specific to your organization --- committees, officers, calendar of events

6. Next start adding members. A welcome email is setn to each member as you add him.

7. To make it even easier for your members to find your Quwho site, we'll generate a URL and "A Quwho Club" icon unique to your group. Use this on your organization's website, your newsletter and member emails --- anywhere your members are going to connect.

And that's it --- your Quwho site is live and ready to use!

Tips for Success With Quwho

Making Quwho a part of your organization benefits eveyone. It will also create new opportunities for members to connect and share information so it's important to build support from the beginning. Here are just a few tips to make this a successful addition to your organization.

1. Gather all of your existing member information. The more member information you are able to add to Quwho, the more useful it will be to everyone.

2. Decide who in your club will be the Quwho administrator. You can have as many administrators as you like. You can change this at any time.

3. Get your members involved from the beginning. When they see the benefits that they will gain, they will be excited about creating their member profiles. It's also a great member benefit to share with prospective members.

4. Share an email announcement with your members.

5. Engage your members in some creativity. Think about innovative ways your organization and members will benefit with more opportunities to connect.

6. Join the Quwho Facebook page and LinkedIn group. Both are great ways to share ideas, successes and questions with other Quwho club members.

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